Quick Guide To Waist Training

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We like to keep things nice and simple, so here is a quick guide to our different Ann Chery Waist Trainers

All of our waist trainers are the best sellers from the Ann Chery range. We only sell the Ann Chery luxury brand because they are the highest quality available and the most popular worldwide including here in the UK. Waist training using Ann Chery is healthy and safe, and the most effective way as they are specially designed from latex and rubber flexi-boning that moulds to your body. They are all made with a latex outer layer and inner cotton lining that provides freshness and comfort, and protects your skin from latex. They are all specially designed for invisible slimming with flat seems so they are not visible under your garments!

All of our Ann Chery range are as effective as each other and all work in the same way, the main difference in the waist trainers are the size and style. Like for example you can wear all of them under your daywear, or for wearing to exercise in, working out or at the gym. We have 2 and 3 hook waist trainers. The 3 hook waist trainers are slightly longer in length and the 3rd hook gives you the extra ability to go another level tighter as your waist line reduces and your curves come out.

The reason celebrities such as the Kardashians, the Jenners and Jessica Alba have been using Ann Chery waist trainers for years is very clever, but its not rocket science! They do exactly what they are designed to do!

In a nutshell this is how they work...
The rubber flexi boning makes it comfortably adjust to your body. The outer latex material creates thermal activity and is what helps burn fat so rapidly in the concentrated area of your waist trainer. It burns belly, side and back fat while instantly creating the hourglass shape with compression and perspiration. You will notice your hourglass shape instantly, and you can reduce up to 4 inches within 30 days. Other amazing benefits are they correct your posture, and strengthen your abs and core!

Ann Chery Classic 2021:

People will not know you have it on because of its flat seams not visible under garments. But they will instantly notice your hourglass figure!





Ann Chery Animal Print 2 Hooks 2024:

A 2 hooks version of the black classic 2021, but in stunning designs of pink or yellow animal print! This waist trainer can be a great alternative to the classic 2021 if you are smaller in height or have a shorter torso.



Ann Chery 2 Hooks 2026: Celebrity Favourite! UK BEST SELLER!                                                                                                           The most popular and comfortable waist trainer in the world!                                                                                                                    This waist trainer can be worn for up to 8 hours a day, under your day wear or your clothes on a night out or special event. People will not know you have it on because of its flat seams not visible under garments. But they will instantly notice your hourglass figure! Available in blue purple or pink, it can also be used at the gym, working out or at your fitness classes etc. They can be worn over the top or underneath of your gym wear, and under your day wear. Easy to wash!


Ann Chery Sports 3 Hooks 2023:

Available in blue purple and pink, is a 3 hooks sports waist trainer. It is like the 2026 sports, but is longer so can be an extra benefit for taller people or with a longer torso. And the 3rd hook gives you extra compression ability.  


The beauty of having a luxury Ann Chery waist trainer is you can wear it while at work, at home, doing your daily routine, a night out or at a special event and look amazing! Because of the high quality your waist trainer can be used at the gym or while doing your personal work out at home, or going for a run or walks. All the while you are achieving the perfect waist without even thinking about it!

Please measure your waist before you order, see our size guide for help! 

Our best tip is, even if you don't buy your luxury Ann Chery Waist Trainer from Perfect Waist, please do not buy cheap imitations. As always with quality, you get what you pay for!